Adrien collection

Honourable reflection of a passion shared from generation to generation, this champagne collection which itself is the symbol of the typical characteristics of our terroir and reveal itself in the broad daylight the know-how of men who witnessed its birth.

Un R de Famille

Son and grandson of winemakers, I spent my whole childhood influenced by the love of wine making. I grew up with this passion and learned the exceptional know-how of those men. Today I am honoured to represent the Redon Champagne, its terroir and its rich tradition.

Located at the heart of the Champagne vineyards, between Reims, Chalons and Epernay, the family home is passed through generations. The status of "Harvester-makers"gives core values to our trade as we are present at each single stage of our champagne making process. Daily care given to the vineyards, blending in our cellars.

Our land

Our vineyards blossoms on the East hill side of the Reims Mountain, at the heart of the Trepail vineyards classified "1er Cru". Our domain spreading over 5ha is made of 80% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot Noir. This unique rich mineral endowment terroir expresses itself through the true Chardonney and the powerful aromatic Pinot Noir. Committed to respect the environment, we ensure the natural balance between our land and our vineyards by adopting a sustainable integrated viticulture.

Our Wines

With the combination of our ancestor traditions and the management of todays work practices, we thrive to continuously optimise our wine quality. While harvesting grapes,our family traditionnal press processes our best grapes for a stow and steady press process. Separation of the juices is then carried out according to their particular features. Our young and mature vines, grassy covered areas, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir offer a wide and rich range of aroms.

Adrien collection

Our champagne require a specific winemaking methods according to our terroir, grape variety and the style of the Redon Family. Eager to create a collection which reflects my personnality and roots, I have chosen to develop champagnes in low dosage to bring out the best of the Chardonnay. As each wine has its own aging potential, intensity and freshness will make our young vintage and aromas development for mature wines. High standards and patience make this collection of Champagne Redon: Style and Purity

The letter "R" became the logo of the Champagne Redon. The letter "R" pronounces as the word "the air" which indivate a way oy being, to appear (appearence)

  • Un R d'autrefois - champagne extra-brut

Un R d'autrefoisExtra-Brut

  • L'R du temps - champagne rosé

L'R du tempsExtra-Brut Rosé

  • Le grand R - champagne extra-brut 50/50

Le grand RExtra-Brut 50/50

  • Un R de rien - champagne blanc de blancs

Un R de rienBlanc de blancs / Nature

Un R d'autrefois

(The "R" of formerly)

The "R" of formerly is the characteristic assembly or blending of the country of Trépail. As my ancestor, i work by craftsmen my champagne, with the same soil and even grapes variety as them.

Vintage, specific of the Trépail terroir, predominant Chardonnay. Champagne gourmand and balanced.
Blend : 80% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot Noir
Dosage : Extra Brut

Gold Medal at the "Mondial de Reims" 2014

L'R du temps

(In the spirit of the times)

The pink Champagne is more and more appreciated, very fashionably in this moment.

Expressing itself with sensitivity and freshness, this rosé is born from a demanding vintage
Blend : 67% Chardonnay, 18% Pinot Noir, 15% Trépail rouge
Dosage : Extra brut

Bronze Medal at the "Mondial de Reims" 2014

Le grand R

(The great R)

It is the top of the range, my superior vintage, it's a great vintage

Grown from old vines from our vineyard, this champagne is more complex, powerful and mature.
Blend : 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir
Dosage : Extra brut

Un R de rien

Without being casually
Somebody (or something) who (which) in spite of little appearance is able of many and surprises us.

The combination of Chardonnay and oak barrels offers a taut wine with a well established balanced between minerals and aromas.
Blend : 100% Chardonnay, partly from barrel
Dosage : Natural Brut, unmixed


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Our points of Sales

Our points of Sales

The "Collection d'Adrien" is available exclusively at professionnals listed below.